State of Decay 2 Full PC Version Free Download!

It took us a while to do this but we were working hard ever since we received an early acces copy of this game!The protection system created by Microsoft was really hard to crack but we finally did it with the help from some of people from CPY team.We are happy to announce that another big project is coming soon as well as major update on how we do things!Just a reminder for those wondering yes,this is the full version of the game so with that we can proudly say now that full copy of State of Decay 2 game is available for download for PC only on our website!Unfortunately we couldn’t crack the XBOX one version because of the system’s tight security,so that’s for another day!

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State of Decay 2 Download Full PC Game


1)Click the Download link of the latest setup (link will be updated when the new version comes)

2)Download the online Launcher from one of our Mirrors!

3)Run the Launcher,the game files will start to download

4)Wait for all the game files to download,this solely depends on your internet connection.

5)While the game is being installed you’ll be asked to do a few quick steps to get a key

6)After everything is done finally Launch the game 🙂

State of Decay 2 Full game Setup (Updated June 9’th):

(Link is constantly updated,refer to the mirror below if it has been taken down!)

Download here (Mirror) (V1.02)




State of Decay 2 PC Game Overview:

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Game is great, I have had no bugs in my time playing it so I assume they’ve fixed most of the problems from the first game.
However before going in to game I have some complaints for the first missions of the game-they were little slow. I feel like I understood the basics of the game within a short time and became a little bored with waiting to achieve the goals in it since certain items are scenario locked. But it feels like I could easily move on to the freemode without a problem and enjoy it more.


– Release name (Expoit by by): GamesHavenTeam
– Platform : PC
– Language : English

Specifications of State of Decay 2 PC Game:


How Will You Survive? The dead have risen and civilization has fallen. Not even the military could stop the zombies, and now it’s up to you to gather survivors and build a community in a post-apocalyptic world – a world where every decision matters, and where you define what it means to survive. State of Decay 2 is the ultimate zombie survival game in an open world where you and up to three friends build a community of survivors. It’s up to you to establish a base, develop your characters’ abilities, and manage resources to survive as a group in a world where choices matter and every decision has lasting consequences. Every player’s experience is unique – as you play, the open world responds to your decisions, developing in real time and dynamically offering new opportunities for you to demonstrate your own personal survival priorities. These decisions also result in real consequences that affect your community. Send your best scavenger across the map to gather medicine for a sick friend… but know that they might not make it home. Help your neighbors, and you might make new allies… or you could decide that you need their food supply more than they do. In the end, how you survive might surprise you.

State of Decay 2 Game Free Download

Final Words for State of Decay 2 FULL Version Download Games Haven Release:

Just download the files,run the setup and you are ready to go,there is no need for serial number or any key.Just click the State of Decay 2 game icon shortcut on desktop and start playing after installation,the multiplayer works from the get go,you just need to enter your name and that’s it!Here is the mirror of the direct full setup the game,in case the first one gets copyrighted

Download here (PC)